Create a Project

Once your team and AWS account are created you're ready to create a project.

Choose a project name and optional logo, make sure the correct team has been selected.

You will not be able to rename your project, you may delete and re-add it.

Connected AWS Account

Choose the cloud account you want this project deployed to


Choose either a NuxtJS or NestJS framework

  • NuxtJS projects can be either SSR or Static
  • NestJS projects require SSR by default

Project Structure (NuxtJS only)

Choose either SSR functionality or Headless.

  • SSR structures will be deployed to a Lambda Function backed by an Api Gateway.
    • You will be able to turn on caching later based on the environment.
  • Headless structures deploy to S3 buckets backed by CloudFront.


Providing a repository will help Fume:

  • Link to the commits related to your deployments on the web app.
  • Link the related commits and branches in the webhook payload.


We will start you off with two standard environments, but feel free to customize that here

You will be able to add and remove environments at any time