What is Fume?

Fume is a serverless deployment platform for NuxtJS and NestJS. Manage your infrastructure and gain the power of scalability and simplicity of serverless with static or server-side rendering.

Fume abstracts the complexity of managing your applications, allowing you to focus on development.


Auto-scaling web infrastructure fine-tuned for NuxtJS and NestJS
Zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks
Environment variable management
Custom application domain support
CDN support for all your assets with automated invalidations
Deploy both static (headless) and server-rendered (SSR) apps

Getting Started

If you are setting up fume for the first time, these resources should be a good start:

  1. Account Setup
  2. Connect to AWS
  3. Create a Project
  4. Setup the Fume CLI
  5. Create your first deployment

You can also watch our quick video guides.

More Resources